UNESCO Chair on Community Media is pleased to announce the launch of CR-CIT Community of Practice (CR-CIT COP), an online forum for CR practitioners, enthusiasts, trainers, researchers and importantly, Certified Peers.

The Community of Practice forum, although based on CR-CIT developed by the Chair and primarily for use by CR stations using CR-CIT for self assessment, can also be used by all CR Practitioners, enthusiasts, researchers and trainers to share their experiences on all the core principles on which community radios are universally established. The forum has been established on the principle of co-learning.

The forum has nine parameters and allows registered users to:

  • Change profile details including your avatar (your pic)
  • Launch new topics
  • Respond to topics already under discussion
  • Share photographs of self-assessment
  • Add polls
  • Send personal messages to other members on the forum
  • Email interesting topics to others and several other features

UNESCO Chair will moderate the forum and arrange to send out summaries on important discussions to all the members of the forum.

It is hoped that the CR sector will stand to gain with experiences flowing in from all over the world.