A total of 27 community radio practitioners have been certified as Peer Reviewers after they attended two workshops to train on the Self-Assessment and Peer Review process recommended by the UNESCO Chair on Community Media in using the Community Radio-Continuous Improvement Toolkit.

Thirty CR practitioners attended two workshops held in October & November this year. After a three-day workshop, the CR practitioners were assessed on their knowledge of the toolkit.

The workshops were supported by CEMCA, New Delhi.

The complete list of the Certified Peer Reviewers can be found here.

The Chair has also set up an online platform–Community Radio User Experience- CRux to serve as a Community of Practice for CR practitioners across the world.  CRux is based on nine parameters and is open to any CR practitioner, researcher, enthusiast and trainer.  The online forum users can use the platform to build a rich repository of lessons to be learnt from each other.