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Great! What are the INNOVATIVE methods of sustaining a radio station?
POLLS / Suggestion for ideas in CRS Sustainability.
« Last post by sanjharadio on 05:41:08 //06Jan,2015 »
We, at Sanjha Radio, Yamuna Nagar in Haryana go for local advertisement,new year wishes ,subscription/membership(difficult at times),thinking of Merchandise, music albums,private recordings,donations (rarely get),subsidized paid RJs courses,thnking of organizing :-\ events..
Can we get other ways of generating income to meet CRS expenses
we can record the conversation when we get  feedback call, through the console and broadcast that feed back in between the programme broadcasting. we done several times its a good practice. :D
FEEDBACK & GRIEVANCES / Re: Mechanisms to collect Feedback/ Grievances
« Last post by sanjharadio on 12:27:50 //24Dec,2014 »
We,in Sanjha Radio, Yamuna Nagar in Haryana are normally airing our feedback and grievances mobile and land line telephone numbers with alternative numbers and get number of calls including clarity and if any mistakes we commit. We have also give our email address and also use face book for feedback and grievance and suggestions.At times our radio reporters also get the feed back. We are getting a good response by this method.
Revenue Generation is a very important aspect for CRS run by NGOs specially whereas in Institute run CRS, sustainability is no issue as the staff and other costs are met by the Institutes/colleges etc.This is an age of Sustainability, you cannot always depend of support services whether it is donations, financial or material, membership or subscriptions. Innovational  method have to be undertaken by all CRS for sustainability including aggressive drive for advertisements
All Sammelan & Workshop mostly discuss revenue generation and CR sustainability.

Do you think that CR Can sustain without sustenance of CR Practitioners, those who are actually working in CR?

Building can sustain if Pillars are moving?

Should CR Practitioners consider as important factor for CR sustainability?
The CR Policy says that no political content shall be broadcast on CR. Just asking, isn't the PM's address political?
Great! Any other ideas from members?
FEEDBACK & GRIEVANCES / Re: Mechanisms to collect Feedback/ Grievances
« Last post by asifrayma on 10:38:12 //05Nov,2014 »
I am attaching picture of the feedback box put at our Saiyere jo Radio....
FEEDBACK & GRIEVANCES / Re: Mechanisms to collect Feedback/ Grievances
« Last post by asifrayma on 22:23:25 //01Nov,2014 »
We do collect suggestion and grievances through following tools.

1. we have kept suggestion box with note in local dialect requesting to drop a suggestion/complaint in writing. a box is put out side of the broadcasting room, few in different locations of villages (Bus stop & Local market) & one at the reception of our organization office.

2. we broadcast to send any suggestion/grievance by phone call, sms & letters. and people those are not able to use all of these tools can visit the station. We have listeners & visitors register at station to collect the feedback/grievances.

I like to share that in response to the positive feedback of the community, We went on 6 hours of broadcasting from 3 hours by January 2014.   
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